25: Navigating the “In-Between” | Interview with Aida Cubano

As we continue our Listening series this week, we talk with Aida Cubano, a Hispanic artist, digital marketing professional, wife, and mother who has some fascinating stories! Aida tells us about her experiences dealing with feeling “in-between” due to implications that she is “too feminine” to identify as gay and “not Hispanic enough” to be truly Puerto Rican. She shares the ways she’s navigated these tricky spaces, including what it was like to come out, her bumpy path of having children as part of a same-sex couple, and her reactions to the current worldwide protests.  

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About our guest: 

Aida Cubano is a creative, bold, and inspiring woman who met her wife at a Xena Warrior Princess convention. She is a Hispanic artist, digital marketing professional, wife, and mother who has felt like a lot of her life has been spent in the “in-between” spaces. Today, we are going to be chatting with her about her experiences.

Check out Aida’s art and work at her website, www.aidinstudios.com, as well as her Facebook group, Art Attack Movement, which she created as “a place to heal anxiety through art.” 



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