Episode 23: Talking to Kids about Race | Interview with Dr. Mel

Welcome to the first of our series of listening and learning, where we take a step back from our own stories and instead chat with guests who are all people of color. We’ve got some great conversations coming up, with folks from all walks of life who share with us some of their experiences and insights.

Our first guest in the series is Melissa Robinson-Brown, Ph.D, who helps us navigate the challenges of raising kids to be aware of and understand issues of race, including the recent violence, unrest and protests. Dr. Mel helps us with ways to introduce diversity into our kids’ lives and consciousness, from switching up the books they read to expanding our own social circles, and demonstrates different approaches to addressing racism with children of all ages. We learned so much from her, and we hope you do too!

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About our guest: 

Melissa Robinson-Brown, Ph.D (aka Dr. Mel). Dr. Mel is a licensed clinical psychologist in NY and NJ as well as an educator, speaker, and health and wellness enthusiast.  As the founder of Renewed Focus Psychology Services, she wants to help women to feel like the badasses they were truly meant to be…PERIOD! You will find her hanging out in the “in between” helping women navigate the world and level up when life’s structure just doesn’t fit!  You could call her an empowerment enabler, a self-acceptance guide, and a mind-body connector.  She takes a holistic approach to her work, encouraging her clients to focus not only on mental health and mindfulness, but also physical health and wellness.  Dr. Mel resides in NJ with her three amazingly gifted, energetic, beautiful, and mini badass daughters and her supportive, ambitious, loving partner, AB. 

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