Episode 4: Who's Got the Time?

Carrie brings up Danie’s all-time favorite topic: time management and productivity. Seriously, she listens to podcasts about productivity for fun. But don’t think this episode is a long, boring episode on productivity effectiveness. This is a conversation about managing the craziness that comes with full-time jobs, side hustles, kids, marriage, trying to enjoy life oh, and getting some sleep in there too. 

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Transcript for Episode 4: Who's Got the Time?

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Women AF 0:00
This is a mortar box media podcast for more podcasts and to learn how we can help you create your own visit mortar box media.com.

Carrie 0:17
Welcome to Women AF the podcast hosted by three friends who bonded over entrepreneurial dreams potty training gone wrong, and plans to dismantle the patriarchy. Oh, and murder podcasts. I'm your host Carrie, and I'm here with my co host, Nicole.

Nicole 0:34
That's me.

Carrie 0:35
And Danie.

Danie 0:36

Carrie 0:36
And it's nice to be back again. Here. We're on episode four.

Danie 0:41
and we're still trying to figure it out. Yeah. We keep forgetting what we're supposed to do like our social media. Ah, you know, then I guess we should tell you that I have that. So we have an Instagram and a Facebook page. Yeah. That we are adding fun things to behind the scenes stuff and you know stories that we're not allowed to tell each other during the week because we're saving it up for a podcast we try to sneak them in on the on the social so you can find us there at at Women AF podcast.com and we also have a Patreon where we're putting some really fun behind the scenes sneaky stuff for all of our Patreon subscribers, that's patreon.com forward slash Women AF podcasts and we will be doing live videos, FAQ videos to answer questions that people might send in or even let you vote on the topics and there's mirch all designed by Nicole which is pretty, pretty fun, pretty pretty. And we have a website, Women AF podcast com See you It's like we're official.

Nicole 1:55
So okay, so I have been working on the pictures. So Danie and her husband, they do photography. And so they graciously took all of our photos. And

Danie 2:07
by they we mean Daniel, I was in the picture, so I didn't do a whole lot.

Nicole 2:12
Okay. All right. Well, Daniel took our pictures and it's been amazing because I've been editing them. And it's really fun. So our whole goal with the pictures was to like, do different emotions through them. And that's been really fun to like, see all of our different emotions and like,see the different versions?

Carrie 2:29
I love them. They turned out great.

Danie 2:33
I was really happy with it, especially considering we did it before we did the first podcast recording. Yeah, like you went in. And you guys came to our house at like eight in the morning eight or 830 and we're like, let's do a quick photo shoot. Before we come and record our first two episodes because we did you know some batch recording, you know, being really busy. It seemed easier to just be like, hey, let's just record for four hours at once, yeah, instead of trying to find multiple times to record

Nicole 3:05
Yeah, and but it's been really fun to like look at all the pictures and be like, Oh, that's apparently my face I make when I'm trying to yell at somebody or like oh, apparently that's my fierce face? What is that

Danie 3:18
Did you feel like that was a fierce face?

Nicole 3:20
No, I thought it was completely like dull to what I felt on the inside. Like, I felt like in front of the camera. I'm like, Yeah, got this and I'm looking at the picture. I'm like, I don't got this.

Danie 3:31
There was definitely a few where I was going for sexy I saw them later and I was like, that is not sexy I was I was one of those people like when I would flirt with somebody ... Daniel just like laughs at me. He's like, I know that. You're trying to flirt with me right now. But it's not. It's not sexy. I'm one of those puppies. That's like humping everybody's leg

Carrie 4:03
Not at all sexy

Danie 4:06
Yeah, so we have a lot to catch up on. Somebody tell me a story. Nicole,

Carrie 4:11
Nicole? what's been going on with you lately?

Nicole 4:14
Um, well, that was kind of that's kind of what's been going on ... editing some pictures. Recently, my house went through my coworkers called the plague. where basically we had the stomach flu twice. I don't know if I told you guys this, but I had it a second time.

Danie 4:35
That's awful.

Nicole 4:37
This week. Yeah, Monday. So that was fun.

Danie 4:41
Did the kids get it too? Or was it just you?

Nicole 4:43
No, thankfully, that was just me, which I thought for sure my youngest was going to because I had to like, take care of her while I did it. So yeah, yeah. So um, but I mean, it all turned out good. And thankfully they never got it. But it's kind of been like in this low like trying to get over whatever the heck that was and trying to cope with cleaning the house to make sure it never happens again.

Danie 5:07
Yeah, that sounds like being sick as a parent. I was puking, but also taking care of my kid and also cleaning and also trying to get work done. And yeah, yeah, yeah. All the things you know, just resting like you're supposed to.

Nicole 5:20
Yeah, casual. It's fine. What about you, Danie?

Danie 5:24
Well, on Monday, so have you heard of those phishing emails that you get where they're like, Hey, I have your password, and this is your password and pay me $2,000 or I'm going to use your password for this thing. Yeah, so I got one of those emails on Monday. And they had sent it to my email, obviously, and it had my actual password in it. So I knew that they had the password and the email. Yeah. And I was like, Oh shoot, and then we noticed that we had a zero dollar charge come through from humble bundle. Which is like a gaming site. And so we were like, well, it was a zero dollar charge. So we're not going to stress out about it because you know, maybe it was Nova playing on our tablet and she accidentally downloaded something, but it was free. Like we just weren't sure what that was about until Tuesday, when our checking account got wiped out. Completely. So we had and what was in this, it was like at 1130 at night, and thankfully, Daniel has this app called card valet that lets you know when charges are coming through. Yeah. And all of a sudden, within a matter of 30 minutes, we got a 15 minute or $15 charge $15 charge. $200 charge, $150 charge...

And it was, but they were using. They were they were it was a cash app, like transfer. Oh, and it was saying that it was a cash app transfer to me because they had my information. So they had created an account to get into my debit card and they fully so we have our account split, we have like a spending account and a bills account. So our bills account has a debit card, but we don't use it, we only use it for bills. And that's the big account. Like that's where our mortgage comes out and whatever, that's where the majority of our money goes. This was our smaller account, which is just for things like groceries and gas and whatever. So thankfully, there was only like maybe $350 in it, because you know, because again, this is just our little account. So that was good that they had picked a bad account, but at the same time, it was just like, within a matter of 30 minutes we went we were in the negative because they had been withdrawing all this stuff. So of course we froze the card right away. Daniel works for the bank, thankfully. So when he got in in the morning, he told them what happened and they're going to reverse the charges. But then the next day, they tried to use my card again for an Uber which was super ballsy. Yeah. But so in the I think the part that was the most frustrating is since they took this money out in cash, we don't know who it is, and they get to keep the money. So it's like, shady people got away with that. So that was Monday and Tuesday, and I couldn't tell you guys this was happening...

Nicole 8:22
I mean, like that's happened to us, too. That's totally happened where you see a charge on your account. And it's like, I think for us it was one cent. What is this tiny charge? Yeah. And then we've linked it back like that was it they were like testing out your card to see if that's a valid number and then they just go to town is Oh,

Carrie 8:42
and there's nothing you can do? There's just nothing you can do?

Danie 8:45
You can get your money back, but unless they have a way of tracking who that person is, you they can't get that person. Actually, several years ago. Back this was like even before I think I met Daniel It was a while ago. I had noticed, I was checking my statements. And I noticed this recurring $5 charge would get it would charge me like once a month and it was like a number, like a phone number. And then it was like somewhere in California. But it was such a small charge that I was just like, didn't think anything of it until I was like, wait, I think I'm getting this every month. And I looked back and I realized I had gotten it for like eight months in a row before I even noticed it. And so I was like, Oh, that's weird. What's this? And so then I, I went and I, you know, did some research on the Google. And I was like, Oh, this is a porn site. Somebody used my debit card to subscribe to a porn site. And I didn't notice for a while so I had unintentionally gifted somebody the gift of porn for eight months.

Nicole 9:50
You're so kind

Danie 9:51
it came from the bottom of my heart.

Nicole 9:55
Are you sure it wasn't your own

Danie 9:58
I hadn't even met him yet, so

Nicole 10:02
You're sure it wasn't like a drunken night or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 10:05
I mean, maybe? you know if if it was Daniel he maybe he's been stalking me since before I knew because I'm you know, Miss Moneybags and I will pay for porn

Nicole 10:18
That's hilarious. Oh my gosh,

Carrie 10:21
you have the craziest stories. What is? What's with you?

Danie 10:31
You know, I don't know. I can't answer that question. I seek out adventure. Like potty training catastrophes and getting my debit card stolen, you know,

Carrie 10:43
I can't top that. I can't.

Danie 10:45
I mean, maybe you just need to pay more attention or be more frivolous with where your spending goes.

Carrie 10:51
OK I'll give that a shot.

Nicole 10:55
What about you, Carrie, what's been happening?

Carrie 10:58
Well, I've just had The busiest week of all time. I'm just trying to get used to kind of my new work schedule. And then on top of that, I had a heavy week of doing freelance stuff.

Danie 11:12
Oh, that's fun.

Nicole 11:13
Wait, you're doing both?

Carrie 11:14

Nicole 11:15
and being a parent?

Carrie 11:17
and being a parent

Nicole 11:18
and doing a podcast

Carrie 11:19
and doing a podcast. I'm for some reason been getting up also at 4am to work out just because I value that and that's the time I have to do it. So it's just been a whole week of me rushing rushing.

Danie 11:37
So what you're saying is you have a lot of free time.

Carrie 11:38
Yeah. Like that. I came in to the new job right at the Christmas time, which is awkward because suddenly they're having like big holiday parties and stuff. And today was Yeah, luck. Which I just kind of learned about at the beginning of the week. So I was like, Okay, I'm going to make something awesome. Ever. one's gonna love me I'm gonna be like the new like, office favorite. I didn't have time to like plan it, or figure out what I wanted to do until last night. I'm like, uhhh, I'm gonna do, this this is gonna be great. So I tried a new recipe. Why do I do this?

Danie 12:14
Yeah that's really stressful, I'm like getting stressed out.

Carrie 12:20
Just how I do it because I have to wing it when I don't have time and I'm like, I can do this and then it didn't turn out

Nicole 12:26
What was it? What did you make?

Carrie 12:28
I was trying to go for I mean, there were fluffernutter bars so I was like wow, like cookie thing with like a marshmallow frosting on top and I thought I was like that's gonna be like so wintry it looks like snow and I had like, you know, like plan for the sprinkles and stuff. And then this morning I was like, this is just not happening. There was like marshmallow everywhere. It was just dripping all over so at. 6am this morning. I was like, Plan B. So I started baking again at six this morning.

Danie 12:57
Oh, you didn't just buy something? I mean, at that point, I would have been like I'm just gonna go get a pie and I'm putting on a plate as if I made it.

Carrie 13:04
That would have been yeah smart. I didn't do that. I actually got out the KitchenAid mixer and the ingredients and I started again at six in the morning.

Danie 13:13
So what did you make?

Carrie 13:15
Okay, so this time I was like I gotta do my tried and true it's a recipe my mom always made it's like there's this like cookie base with it chocolate top and it's really fast really easy always have all the ingredients and it always turns out perfectly it cuts up real nicely. Boom put some Christmas sprinkles on there. Yeah. Done. I was like Why didn't I do this in the first place I should have known by now

Nicole 13:40
Does everyone love you now?

Carrie 13:42
Well, I think they love me but not for my bars. Just because otherwise I'm great.

Danie 13:47
But isn't that okay? Like it is?

Carrie 13:51
Yes, it is. It is true. It's true, but it's just the thing of where I get myself all worked up and try to make it awesome and Perfect and beautiful and I just need to chill out.

Danie 14:04
Do my route routine buy something? No, I just get a veggie tray. Always that's my staple. I will fight someone for that veggie tray. It's easy. There's something healthy, that'll be there. But I'd

Carrie 14:18
like to bring the sugar. People love to see the sugar come through the door. I gotta bring the joy. That's just what I do.

Danie 14:25
Bring the sugar and I'll bring the veggies and we'll see who they like better.

Carrie 14:30
Who's the favorite now

Nicole 14:32
Can you bring it next time?

Danie 14:34
I don't think anyone wants to hear us eating veggies on this podcast.

Nicole 14:38
All right, fine. I was gonna say me and Adam here our producer. We can judge who we love more.

Carrie 14:44
Oh, interesting. contest contest.

Nicole 14:48
No, okay, that's fine.

Carrie 14:50
Basically, what I'm trying to say is I was super busy this week, which leads kind of naturally into our episode and the things we're going to be talking about today, our talking topic is time management. So we're going to talk about how that fits into a busy woman's life. But before that, just a quick break.

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Carrie 15:42
Welcome back guys. We are going to talk about time management today. Which is a really good topic for me because like I said, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off at all times. And I think it's just kind of part of me getting used to a new schedule. Having more things on my plate than I used to, and honestly, I'm really struggling. Does anybody feel really confident in their time management game here?

Nicole 16:11

Carrie 16:12
Oh, is that a no?

Nicole 16:13
That's a hard No.

Danie 16:15
This is actually my favorite top of conversation I've had meetings at work where I teach people,

Nicole 16:25
No, seriously? Can I come to one?

Danie 16:28
Yeah, absolutely. I will. Yes, I will schedule an hour and it will be the most thrilling hour of your life. Oh, yeah. So I actually subscribe to productivity and time management podcasts. And I research it for fun

Nicole 16:44
the face on Carrie is hilarious She looks totally disgusted.

Carrie 16:48
It sounds boring

Danie 16:49
I mean, but nobody really should be surprised. But I used to get when I would get in trouble. I used to get grounded from reading. So I mean, we're talking about

Carrie 16:59
You're just a big nerd?

Danie 17:00
Like this is what scientific articles for fun. I mean, this is, you know, anyway, but so Time management is something that well, and part of that like you is that we everyone at this table is very busy. I have a full time job doing this podcast with you guys, as Nicole mentioned, like we have a photography company. I also have another side hustle that I'm currently working on, you know, plus being a parent plus being a wife plus, like being a person that has hobbies and activities that they enjoy. You know, you have to figure out so how do I do all this? So there's a few methods that I've heard of, and I tend to go back and forth and use whichever one seems to work best for any given day. Okay. So the first thing I do and I tell if you I feel like if somebody were to take away just one thing, it's to have a to do list to do this because a lot of times

Carrie 17:54
Take it away

Danie 18:01
No, like you if were to take away a piece of information. Don't take away the to-do list

Because I feel like trying to remember everything is like this massive mental effort. Yeah. And it's stressful. Especially because like you're you're probably not just trying to remember like what you have to do for your personal life, but you also have to remember it you have to do for work and for the kids and for you know, your household or, you know, for that trip later planning for the trip side hustles

Carrie 18:37
Yeah, there's like a layers layers organization that I'm not quite figuring out.

Danie 18:43
So I use the Kanban flow method

Carrie 18:45
Oh my god what

Nicole 18:46
There's a method?

Danie 18:50
Kanban. It's a free website. It's basically like if anyone's ever worked in Dev, which I'm gonna say no, no dev, dev like development.

Nicole 19:02
Oh like a division? I've been in a division.

Danie 19:07
it's kind of you do like, columns and swim lanes. So each. Like, let me back up.

Nicole 19:14
So like Trello Do you work in Trello?

Danie 19:20
Yeah, so Kanban is almost exactly it is basically exactly the same as Trello, there's a lot of tools that do this. So whatever tool is fine. What I like is that it seems that you can see your list on your phone, so you don't have to carry around a notebook. That's it. So that's a plus. But then each column could be like, like, what you have to do what you're currently working on what's done, or the way I have it is, I have that like ongoing task that I just have to do regularly. And then I have things in the queue that are not urgent and then I have what I need to do this week. And then when I need to do this, like today, and then what's done and then everything is color coded based on like the division so if it's like for work, it's purple if it's for a side hustle, it's blue. If it's for this podcast, it's green. If it's for personal, it's yellow.

Nicole 20:12
I don't have that can you make mine too please? That would help.

Carrie 20:18
I'm right off the bat, I'm going to tell you one of my biggest problems with kind of getting organized in that manner. I can't get organized in any sort of digital sense. Because the second I open up my phone or hit the computer, completely distracted by all the notifications by whatever emails are coming through by what my best friend has just messaged me or you know, I can't, I never get there. And then later I'm like, Oh, I never went and wrote down what I meant to write down or whatever. ,

Nicole 20:53
also, there's something methodical about like, once you do something, you check it off like you physically take that pen. You're like, slash slash it through I am a I love doing like she's a paper and actually drawing you know the words like to do. Oh sure I being a designer, I love to like do typography for those two words and that's like my little five minutes two minutes of joy of like doing the top of my to do list and then writing through all my to do list on a sheet of paper so

Carrie 21:25
I do much better generally with the pen and a sheet of paper. but then where does that end up? Where does my pen and my sheet of paper end up?

Nicole 21:33
Oh, yeah, you always lose it, right.

Carrie 21:34
I don't know. So how do you get past this?

Danie 21:38
Well, the I actually used to be like that, okay, like I cuz I've tried a lot of different things until I found out found what worked for me and what works for me is not necessarily the right thing it's just the thing that works for me. So like I gotta, if like, you know trying to do is like the thing that makes you excited to get things done then I would say like that. It's clearly working for you, you know. And so I'm definitely not trying to imply like, this is the only way to do it but worse the way that I got past it was so one thing that I do each night before I leave work and before I go to bed, is I just take a quick look at that list. And the nice thing about it being digital is you can drag, like they're called cards like each Yes, because like a card so you can drag these cards around reprioritize so like, whatever I didn't finish during the day at work, I like move back over into like the work column. And then like I move over what I need to get done at night. Because I think one thing that we as women do is we put way many like way too many tasks on, that is actually realistically possible to get done in us in X amount of time. So what I tried to do is I try to lower my expectations of what's realistic So if I'm like, I'm going to do laundry tonight or whatever, laundry takes a lot of time. So that's the only thing that's going to be on my list. I'm not going to try to do laundry and, you know, dishes and vacuum and whatever. You know what I mean? Like, I try I actually take one thing less than what I think I can get done. so it does help because then I, I don't have to spend that time thinking, like, Okay, what do I do when I get home? Because then you kind of get into this decision paralysis, where you just don't do anything at all.

Carrie 23:32
I do that too, that's a problem I have as well. Yeah, yeah.

Danie 23:35
And sometimes I'm just like, I'm not gonna do anything tonight. Short of like, eating and putting the kids to bed.

Carrie 23:41
Yeah, that is a great decision sometimes.

Danie 23:44
Yeah. And so that when as I'm like, looking, I can say okay, nothing is urgent. Everything can wait until, you know, tomorrow or the weekend or whatever. And so that's also helpful to kind of just see everything laid out. Yeah.

Carrie 23:57
What about when you feel like everything is urgent. That's how I've been feeling lately

Danie 24:03
Yeah, you can only do one thing at a time. Which brings me to my next method. So this might be this is what I do when I'm finding myself super scattered and having a really hard time focusing or like scrolling through Facebook mindlessly, there's a method called the Pomodoro method.

Carrie 24:22

Danie 24:29
it's called the Pomodoro timer there's like a website I think it's Marinara timer com or something

Nicole 24:35
that sounds tasty.

Danie 24:36
Yeah. It's also free but you can also just like use your phone timer or any timer, but it's basically you set a timer for 25 minutes. Yes, you pick whatever the one thing is. That is the most important thing to work on and you shut everything you shut off your phone unless you're using it as a timer, but if you're using it as a timer, like put it somewhere it's not going to be distracting. You close any internet tab that's unrelated to the thing that you're working on you like go in a different room, shut off the TV, whatever. And then for 25 minutes you like zero in and focus on this one thing.

Nicole 25:12
I do that, but I didn't realize there was a method like that was called a method

Carrie 25:16
You didn't know you were doing the Pomodoro method?

Nicole 25:18
apparently. I'm pomodoroing it up up here

Danie 25:22
Yeah. So then you take a five minute break and you can do whatever. And then you do another 25 minutes and it doesn't have

Of the same thing?

yeah, okay. Until that thing is done. Okay. And then you go to the next thing. Okay. And then you do it. I think they say four cycles and then you should take a longer break like a 15-20 minute break. And you can do it all day long. Or you can be like I have an hour. I'm going to do you know, two pomodoros in this hour

Nicole 25:52
I typically do. Like instead of 25 minutes, I do like Alright, this hour I'm going to start my timer and once it hits this a amount of time I'm switching projects because my problem is like, I have so much going on that everything I feel like is that a 70% finished. Like, I feel like I can never finish one stupid thing because like everything, I get 70% and I'm like, but I have to do this other thing. And I'm like, Can I do this other thing?

Carrie 26:19
I know I do that.

Nicole 26:20
Yeah. And then you feel like you've done nothing because nothing's finished. And so I do that, like, for an hour, I'm like, I'm gonna finish this and feel good about completing something.

Danie 26:31
Yeah, I think that's probably what also helps make it successful, is because because you're zeroing in and you're finishing things. That gives you a feeling of accomplishment. So then you're like, yeah, I dominated this and I'm going to go dominate the next thing.

Nicole 26:47
They say that's what you're supposed to do about debt to Yeah, like when you're paying off debt, you're supposed to pick instead of like, chipping away at the longer debts, you're supposed to take the ones that are a lot Smaller that you can accomplish that way once you feel that like an awesome feeling of like I did this I completed I've done with this debt. You're more excited to do one. Yeah, complete the little ones first and then keep going. That's good. Yeah.

Carrie 27:16
All right. I mean, I feel like that's a little more doable for me than your kanban or whatever.

Danie 27:23
Yeah, kanban you're right

Carrie 27:25
Boom. Okay, see, I'm listening.

Danie 27:27
Well, the other thing that you might find helpful is and this will be good. I think for a lot of busy people out there. It's called working in the margins. And this is helpful when you have on you have a to do list is like, Okay, if you have five things you have to get done today. And I have five minutes right now, while I'm waiting, you know, to get started on this other project or whatever, I have a very short amount of time, but in this amount of time, I don't have anything to do. Then you can work with for five minutes on like this other thing and try to like chip it off a little bit at a time.

Carrie 28:04
Guess what? That's actually written down on my paper here under my things that work for me column. I wrote five minutes is a lot of time it is because I've got a new work schedule now. And so what I do is I drop the kids off I wait with them for the bus. And then naturally I feel like I should just head downtown and go to work. But what I've been doing is I loop back around the block, I run into my house this is how this is how busy I feel. I run back into my house and I like clean for five minutes. And then I and then I leave because the difference in five minutes of what my kitchen looks like before and after is huge. And it makes me feel so much better when I come home later.

Danie 28:51
It's really stressful coming home to a messy house. Yeah. Which is what I usually come home to

Nicole 28:56
me to. Do you ever go on vacation and leave your house like a Yeah,

Carrie 29:01
you can't, so stressful to come back to

Nicole 29:03
It is is and you're like now I have another job to do you, know clean this. Yeah.

Carrie 29:09
Okay, good. I feel good that at least I had some sort of intuitive.

Danie 29:12
Yeah, it just had a name that you didn't know

Carrie 29:15
Wait, what was that called again?

Danie 29:17
Living in the in the margins, if you listen to my productivity podcast, you would know it had a name

Nicole 29:24
all the meetings right your meetings?

Danie 29:25
I do have meetings.

Nicole 29:26
You actually have a podcast?

Danie 29:27
No, I don't. I listen to productivity podcasts

Nicole 29:31
I was gonna say, are you double podcasting us over here?

Carrie 29:37
Double time podcasting. Let me just tell you some of the little other things that work for me, because I'm proud. I do on my phone use a calendar app now.

Nicole 29:50
What calendar app?

Carrie 29:51
You and I have talked about this, Nicole

Nicole 29:53
Well, I know but not everybody else knows, gotta cue people in

Carrie 29:56
oh all right. It's called Cozi.

Adam 30:01
I just i'm sorry, I had to say I want to recognize this moment because Nicole was trying to do what we call good pod.

Nicole 30:09
Come one, I can't moderate this podcast but I can cue people in

Carrie 30:15
Sorry, sorry, I don't pick up on these things. I'm not good at good poddng yet.

Danie 30:20
The blatantly not subtle clue. Yeah. Tell me about it Carrie

Nicole 30:26
I have no idea what that is...Cozi, we both have it right? Yeah, I do I love Cozi. Do you do their meal plan on Cozi?

Carrie 30:39
No, I don't even know that feature.

Nicole 30:40
you can do recipes on on cozy.

Danie 30:43
Wait, what is cozi versus like a like a Google Calendar app? What's the difference?

Nicole 30:48
So what's cool about cozi is kinda like Google calendars where you can share it with somebody else. So my husband and I both have the app and you can pick so Like I can look at my schedule and I it's color coded to who all these different people, what appointments I go to, like, for instance, my daughter just had a flu shot a doctor appointment today. And so there there's a note in there saying that my husband is taking my daughter, and it has these two color codings. But then also, so that's one feature that's beautiful. But you can do lists. So you can have lists on here that says Like, for instance, we have like a wants list of what we want to purchase ourselves for Christmas. And then we have like TV shows, because we're going to get rid of DirecTV. And we want to like say what TV shows you want to know. And all a grocery list. We have a grocery list and I can like, my husband goes to the store and Jareds like all right, well put on Cozi what you want from the store, because I'm going to go there and get it and I just put it on this thing and it syncs up to his app right away.

Danie 31:54
That's awesome

Carrie 31:55
Yeah, I use the grocery list a lot.

Nicole 31:58
You can do recipes.

Carrie 31:59
you know, I have been in there looking around at that. Yeah. I should use that a little more often

Danie 32:02
Well Cozi, If you're listening and want to sponsor us. You can email at Women AF podcast@gmail.com.

Nicole 32:10
Oh, yeah. And it's free. There's a free version and a premium version. We do the free version.

Carrie 32:14
And like I said, it has been the only digital app of any kind that has been useful for me so Cozi, you're doing something right.

Danie 32:20
But you can put a list in there.

Nicole 32:22
You can you can put a list.

Carrie 32:24
I know, but that's where like, the grocery list is one thing I'm like, Okay, yeah, but a list of things I'm doing all day for some reason is that doesn't work for me.

Nicole 32:36
Yeah, I agree with that. Okay.

Carrie 32:38
I don't know why, exactly.

Nicole 32:40
Yeah, it's it's, it's a point of like, there's so many avenues where like, there's so many productivity apps that I could do that I just don't like, I'm overwhelmed. Like, I don't I don't know what to do. So I just stick with paper and pen, like I don't know.

Carrie 32:54
And honestly, I think that overwhelmed feeling and like the fact that I am pretty anxious a lot of the time is part of why it doesn't work for me. Because I feel like oh my god, I have to get it done. Now, in the time that I'm taking to open up this app and make a list, I could have had something done. I just need to do this.

Nicole 33:13
Yeah, yep.

Carrie 33:14
Which isn't maybe the best way to go about it. But it's just that's another part that's difficult for me in my time management is dealing with my anxiety.

Danie 33:24
Does writing writing it down on paper? Like, does that feel okay

Carrie 33:27
that's better

Danie 33:28
Is that what you normally do? Or do you not have a list at all?

Carrie 33:31
I, I write it. I would, like I said before, don't necessarily keep good track of my list. I don't know.

Nicole 33:38
Or do you look at your list and you're like, now I have to update this you take two minutes. Looking at your already big list. Like I already did this. I already did this and forgetting to like mark it off.

Carrie 33:49
No, no, no, I'm gonna I don't mind that. My list can be very fluid, it doesn't matter if I have to mark it off or not. Or

Danie 33:55
Yeah, how do you do? How do you prioritize

Nicole 33:59
Good question.

Carrie 34:01
I think I just look internally and the thing that's making me the most terrified is the thing I need to do first, if that makes any sense

Nicole 34:11
like the most pressure, you do first?

Carrie 34:13
okay, like, last night, I got home and I was like, Good god, I gotta bake and I gotta bake now, you know, and that took precedent over the freelance and the spending time with my children.

Nicole 34:25
Yeah. Wait, can we just pause for a second and talk about you know how in the beginning you were talking about how Danie has all these adventure stories?

Carrie 34:31

Nicole 34:32
That what you just told was an adventure story. Yeah. Can we just revisit that? The one about like, you bake something? And then you bake something in the like, the brand spanking middle of the morning?

Carrie 34:44
Yeah, you're right.

Danie 34:44
I think it's just perception. Right? Like, yeah, if you feel like this was an adventure. If you feel like walking in on your toddler's log in the toilet is an adventure, it's and adventure

Carrie 34:57
Yeah, good point. Good point. I mean, it was a harrowing moment for me.

Danie 35:01
Yeah, yeah.

Nicole 35:02
And that kind of brings it back to to like what you take priority and in your perception of what's what's important and what's I don't know what you need to get done which is hard. I mean I feel like for me I so I have not as good of a business as Danie over here but I've got like a little photography business.

Danie 35:22
What what does that mean, back up. Not as good of a business? I reject that statement.

Nicole 35:27
You got like all the camera equipment I have one camera

Danie 35:30
That doesn't mean it's not as good of a business well, it just means it's okay yeah,

Nicole 35:35
maybe Yeah, maybe I'm not I'm not in it as much. But I kind of do photography as like a fun side business. I also do. I'm you know, I've got kids I've got full time. I also do freelance on the side. What else can I add to this? I just do everything. But it's really hard for me to like, prioritize and in my head what I think is important is maybe at the end of the day, not that important. You know,

Carrie 36:06
very true. Very true. I could have, like Danie said, just bought a pie. and spend more time with my kids. Maybe that's something I could have thought about.


Danie 36:19
But it was important to you to bake, especially if you're new at the company and like,

Carrie 36:23
I like baking, yeah, it's a way I show my love. For sure.

Danie 36:27
So baking is a thing that you feel passionate about. So I mean, that it seems to be like a priority. Yeah, you're right. you're passionate about ,

Carrie 36:36
it was. It was. Eh it's just hard to balance. It's just hard to balance all of it. I mean, because then also don't forget we need to sleep.

Danie 36:46
Yes, that is

Carrie 36:50
that's a lie. I have not

Danie 36:51
had that on my list.

Carrie 36:54
It's, it's you got to get that in there and it's hard to do and i that is so important to me.

Like I said, I had babies that didn't sleep. I mean, I feel it and before that I had a lot of problems with insomnia. And I feel like I had so many years of just not sleeping much at all that right now, the fact that I can slee

Nicole 37:16
How many hours do you need to survive

Carrie 37:18
I need six a night but absolutely will do anything I can to get at least seven. So that's part of my time management, I try to fit that in which gets really tricky when I'm getting up at 4 am

Nicole 37:37
Yeah. How many about you how many hours you need to sleep?

Danie 37:41
I am actually in the same I have to have six. Yeah, that's kind of like my, I mean, I've had less than that. Yeah, you know, like six is like it I have in my Fitbit app. I have six is like when it gives me a star. Get more than me. More than six is my goal seven is ideal. Eight is like what's even happening again? It's amazing. It's amazing. Yeah, I can't tell you the last time that that happened but like when it happens it's like a unicorn you know in terms of priority it's funny that we we don't talk about sleep but if you don't get sleep it takes you a lot longer to get everything else done because you're so exhausted that I mean I don't know about you but when I'm tired I will sit there and stare at my computer like what am I even doing right now Whereas if I'm well rested, I'll be like task one task two task 3. I'm just like knocking them off machine. Yeah, this Yeah. And also you burn out a lot faster if you're not sleeping. Because like there's obviously so many things to be getting done. It can feel overwhelming and do you hit burnout very often ever? Is that a thing that you deal with?

Carrie 38:53
I feel fully burned out right now.

week where I'm yeah, I cannot wait to get To the end of this week, I working tomorrow morning, actually, but then after that, I'm just gonna, well, I say I'm going to relax, but

Unknown Speaker 39:07
that's not gonna happen.

Carrie 39:09
I still have, like freelance to do and you know, I should pay attention to my kids finally. Yeah, it's just always like this tricky, delicate balance for me. A struggle,

Danie 39:21
I'll get point we're all like burn out and be like just not functional for three days. And so I try to, to not let that happen like, you know, then it's just then now I have three days to be stressed about all the things that I didn't get done on the right days and then so then I have to go harder when I come back. And so it's better if I like, prioritize sleep and taking care of myself and, you know, so that I can try to get these other things done. What about you, Nicole?

Nicole 39:48
Yeah, I I don't know if I fully burn out. But I definitely go into like a gray area. Like where I kind of turned into a zombie. So for me sleep is huge so I'm before kids I would sleep probably nine to 10 hours one night totally Can I would still wake up tired like I still wake up tired even though I get decent amount of sleep and for like right now it's like my in order to function is probably about seven and a half eight hours in order to function do i know but

Danie 40:29
have you ever had your thyroid checked? I

Nicole 40:32
I want to check it because especially it's it's really bad around when when like I have my period which I know is like hormonal and all that stuff but I think it's also a little something else. But I know my dad too is the same way where he can sleep for 10 hours and then he wakes up groggy, like I wake up groggy all the time I I've never had an instance in you know in the movies Where you wake up and it's like, you open up your eyes and

Carrie 41:04

Nicole 41:05
Yeah, no, that's like it takes me two hours to wake up. Hmm, it's bad. So I don't know if I've ever fully burned out. But I have completely like, especially with kids. I've completely like gone into the state where I'm like, I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's happening. I got all this stuff to do. I'm going to do it somehow. That's kind of my stance of like, Oh, it's gonna get done. Yeah, but I don't know how it's gonna happen. It'll get done.

Carrie 41:33
I mean, that sounds kind of like a burnout to me. Honestly.

Nicole 41:35
Yeah. My life is burnt out.

Danie 41:38
Yeah, you might just be on like a consistent burnout that you're totally recovered from.

Nicole 41:43
It could be it could be but this was even back down back when I was like in high school, too. So it's been lots of years of this.

Danie 41:53
Do you sleep well when you're sleeping?

Nicole 41:56
I used to without kids.

Danie 41:58
Oh, yeah, yeah.

Carrie 42:00
Yeah, that's fair. very fair.

Nicole 42:02
Yes. But when I go on work trips, I can sleep solid. Like you know, when you're a parent and you sleep, and you're all your ears are always wide open. Well, when I went on a work trip, and I don't have kids with me or anybody, I sleep and

Carrie 42:23

yeah. Do you feel like you successfully avoid burnout then Danie? Miss productivity? queen. Yeah.

Danie 42:32
So my issue is that I saw Daniel actually taught me how to relax. I am not good at relaxing. Like just sitting there and like watching a show or just, you know, laying in a hammock Not that I have a hammock, an example of something but like, it's almost like we're so when we go on vacation, like beach vacations, stress me out, ya know? Hey, guys. Ellie Yeah, I don't want to just sit on the couch, I feel like I need to do something. So, for me, the what I've actually we talked about this a little bit on the resolutions episode was, what I need to learn is how to be less productive, or at least to turn it off, like when to turn it off. Because otherwise what happens is I'll just be like, you know, oh, I need to do like 20 things before I go to bed at one o'clock and wake up at five o'clock and you know, so I've over the years have gotten better at like, when do I need to stop when do I need to like, shut down and then relax and like even like taking time to just have enjoyable breaks with my kids or with the Danielle where we just like actually do something that we enjoy versus like work and that's part of the danger of having a business with your spouse is that they're in we actually last year had to have this conversation because we did a lot of weddings. We had to say, okay, we need to pull back on this because the every single conversation

Nicole 44:06
like you had like you married a lot of people.

Danie 44:08
What we we did their wedding photography.

Nicole 44:11
Oh guy that did

Danie 44:12
this. Yes. And we married all of them.

Nicole 44:16
Like, why do you like, I thought you were like planning all these wedding? Oh, no, no, no, no life.

Danie 44:22
I know, buddy. We're doing the wedding photography, we have to put it in perspective wedding photography. It's about 40 hours of editing time, it was 40 hours of like post and, you know, uploading the gap like in addition to editing and like uploading the gallery and invoicing and, you know, writing a blog and like all these things, plus there's two pre wedding meetings, not including the meetings that you had before they booked you and then plus then of course, like the six to 12 hours that you shot their actual wedding. And so, yeah, what would happen is that we would Every single conversation we have outside of like, Hey, you know what's going on? We like, Oh, we have to talk about all these weddings. And it got to the point where it's like, okay, we have no like, personal relationship. We're just talking about work all the time. So,

Carrie 45:14
you know, you actually have to schedule that into Yeah, date night or

Danie 45:19
Yes. Time to time the labor

Carrie 45:21
killer. Yeah, yeah.

It's a lot.

Danie 45:25
It is a lot.

Carrie 45:26
Yeah. All right. Well, I'm glad I've learned some tips from you. I'm gonna Yeah, I'm gonna try on that pomodoro method. All right. Keep crushing my work and in the margin. Yeah.

Learn Sarah.

Danie 45:43
names for things

Carrie 45:45
together. Cool. Nicole? You're gonna try any of this stuff? Or do you feel pretty good about your, your pomodoro situation? Oh, I

Nicole 45:53
right. Yeah, that's the one I do. Right. pomodoro Yeah,

I do need to do that more. So I do it when I'm like, over Stressing like, completely about to burn out ish and have a panic attack, but I need to realize that I need to do that. More, I think

Danie 46:11
and just think of how pretty the word pomodoro could be at the top.

Nicole 46:16
Yeah, that's a great idea.

Danie 46:17
Oh, m o r RADODOR o, door row. Okay. No, I think it's Mo. Mo do. I wrote it on my paper? pomodoro

Nicole 46:32
I like it. That's a Yeah, that'd be a really fun word to kind of work with typography. There we go.

Carrie 46:37
We want to see what you've got next time.

Danie 46:39
You can put it on the Patreon page. Well, that's a great idea.

That's fun. And you can make a pretty To Do List people could print out.

Carrie 46:46
Oh my gosh, that's

Danie 46:48
a good idea. All right, everybody. Checks checks@patreon.com backslash Women AF podcast pomodoro method. Get some free download.

Carrie 46:56
There you go. Danie, thanks so much for sharing your words. him today

Danie 47:00

your activity and time management

Carrie 47:08
I appreciate I appreciate your nerd nerdy, it benefits all of it

Danie 47:15
is beneficial in some way. Definitely was not beneficial and making me cool in school.

Unknown Speaker 47:20
But you're here now Oh, thank you is your Women

Nicole 47:23

Carrie 47:24
right? Yeah, actually, we're all Women AF and we hope you are too.

Women AF is produced by mortar box media and engineered by Adam Ross dead intro and outro music is Sq z by Shane ivers. Check them out at Silverman sound calm and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review

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