Women AF Podcast Has an Official Launch Date!

We are so excited to finally have a launch date! The first episode will be released on January 1st!

But if you can't wait until we release the episodes, you can become a Patreon supporter and listen to our first episodes RIGHT NOW! Patreon supporters also get exclusive behind the scenes material, to have an opportunity, submit questions for a listener’s FAQ, vote on topic ideas, and get a bunch of great freebies - like Merch! (Who doesn’t love merch): www.patreon.com/womenafpodcast.

Women AF is produced by Mortar Box Media and Engineered by Adam Rostad. 

Find us on Instagram @WomenAFpodcast and Facebook at www.facebook.com/womenafpodcast

Intro and Outro Music is SQZ by Shane Ivers. Check him out at silvermansound.com

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